The law firm of FERNS, ADAMS & ASSOCIATES brings together highly experienced litigation attorneys, accomplished in collection, consumer and commercial debtor/creditor rights, bankruptcy, defense, labor/human resource management and real estate issues.

The backgrounds of the founding attorneys, Barry W. Ferns and Laurel A. Adams, are similar but significantly distinctive, with each lawyer bringing his or her own special gifts to contribute on behalf of the firm's clients.  Each of the principals has learned from the trials and tribulations of prior firms that the purpose of a collection/creditor bankruptcy law firm is to "obtain the best possible result for the client as measured by the cost/benefit" ratio.  

The members of the firm treat their client's cases as if the attorneys were themselves the litigant. Their expectations are the same as if it were their own money at stake. These concepts are not just a goal it is our creed.

The attorneys of FERNS, ADAMS & ASSOCIATES, embraced alternative fee billing well before it became fashionable.  During the 1980's, when "legal billings went in only one direction exorbitant, our brethren barristers followed the popular catchphrase that "Greed" was "Good" (remember the movie "Wall Street"), we used "flat fees" and "task billing". We realized our clients had to budget for legal expenses and we charged flat fees for such standard legal matters as: "relief from stays", "objection to confirmation of Chapter 13 Plans", "non-dischargeability bankruptcy litigation", "claim and deliveries/replevins" and "standard collection lawsuits."  We pioneered the elimination of "overhead" cost billing, such as standard photocopy, postage, mileage, wordprocessor fees, telephone, computer time, and facsimile charges before our clients realized that attorneys shouldn't be reimbursed for these charges. 

The law firm of FERNS, ADAMS & ASSOCIATES, believes that proper fee management/planning and results go hand-in-hand.  We think of our clients as our "fourth" partner.  An excellent legal result means nothing if it does not make economic sense to our "fourth" partner.  Similarly, our firm will do better if our clients approach their legal problems with a "cost/result" analysis.  Like our clients, we are in this for the long haul.  Short term gains at the expense of long-term goals are not in anyone's best interest. That is why our founding attorneys have been active members of creditor's rights organizations, spoken at numerous seminars, written articles for industry and legal publications, participated in a myriad of continuing educational forums, work diligently to educate the judiciary to maintain a "creditor friendly" litigation environment, and have been successfully doing business for so many years./

Obviously, we are in it for the "long haul".